Women's Rugby Club

Women's Rugby

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Temple University Women's Rugby is a Division II member of the Mid-Atlantic Rugby Conference (MARC), competing with other schools in the region in rugby union (XVs) and rugby sevens. They won second place in the conference overall for rugby sevens in the spring of 2019.

The women in the club represent the sport of rugby and Temple University every time they step onto the field and wear their Temple jerseys. Rugby is a very unique sport and it takes dedication, hard work, and a deep love for the game.  An appropriate motto the girls play by is "Respect the Game."  There is a lot of history and culture that accompanies the sport, and as a Temple Women's player, you can embrace that unique culture completely.  Temple Women's Rugby Club provides a very supportive atmosphere for teammates and helps students to create lifelong friendships.  Playing rugby can provide you with great opportunities to travel, meet new friends, get involved in school life, and play a sport that you really love!


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Temple University Women's Rugby Relay For Life team picture.
Temple University Women's Rugby in action during a game.
Temple University Women's Rugby Club member running with the ball through the opposing team during a game.