Water Wednesdays

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Current Episode

Wednesday, January 20th:  Making a Swim Comeback in 5 Steps

We know you made a New Year's Resolution, was it to start getting back in the pool?  GREAT!  In the first episode of 2021, Aquatic Coordinator Joe Wolgast shares how to get back into swimming in 5 "easy" steps.  Click here for this week's episode and begin your journey back into the water.  Let 2021 be Your Year of Water!  Past episodes can be found below.

Past Episodes


Fall 2020 Episodes

  • Wednesday, December 9th:  At-Home Workouts

Brrr, its getting chilly outside!  In this week's episode of Water Wednesday, Anthony and Kourtney show us some exercises we can do at home to stay active and prepping for getting back into the water.

CLICK HERE to view this week's episode, remember past episodes can be found below.

  • Wednesday, December 2nd:  Winter Tips

Just like they said on Game of Thrones, Winter is Coming!  Winter poses many challenges for swimmers, in this week's Water Wednesday Joe shares some tips on things you can do over the winter months if you do not have access to a pool.  Joe will share some ways to help you stay on track with your goals outside the water.  CLICK HERE to view this week's episode.

  • Wednesday, November 18th--Motivational Tips for your Swimming Journey

As we head towards the end of the calendar year, we know many of you will start marking goals to accomlish in 2021.  In this week's Water Wednesday, Joe shares some motivational tips to help guide you on your swimming journey!  No matter what level of experience you are we think these will help you moving towards accomplishing those goals!  CLICK HERE to view this week's episode.

  • Wednesday, November 11th--Training Equipment

We're in the pool and ready for another episode of Water Wednesday!  In this week's episode we look at some of the training equipment in the pool such as kick boards, hand paddles, fins and buoys.  We'll talk about where to find them, what they do and how they benefit your swim.  CLICK HERE to view this week's episode.

  • Wednesday, November 4th--Core Strength Activities

Who is ready to dive into another episode of Water Wednesday?  Looking to move faster and more efficiently in the water?  This week's episode introduce you ro three exercises that you can do to improve your core and overall strength.  These exercises target the core, legs and chest; all areas that are crucial in a swimmer's ability to move fast in the water.

You can perform these execises from the comfort of your home or do them as a warm-up prior to entering the water.  We recommend a few rounds (3-5) and hold each for approximately 30-45 seconds.  CLICK HERE to view this week's episode.

  • Wednesday, October 28th--Swim Club Discussion Part 2

In this week's episode Joe is once again joined by the President and Vice President of Temple's Club Swimming Club, Chiara and Zoe. They return to provide information on joining the swim club and what the practice and meet schedule looks like in a "typical" semester.  CLICK HERE to view this week's episode.

  • Wednesday, October 21st--Swim Club Discussion Part 1

Time to hop in the water for another episode of Water Wednesdays!  This week's episode is a special one as Joe is joined by the President and Vice President of Temple's Club Swimming Club, Chiara and Zoe.  The conversation will discuss all things swimming, from what Chiara and Zoe keep in their swim bags, to tips on getting back into swimming shape.  CLICK HERE to view this week's episode.

  • Wednesday, October 14th:  Where is the Pool?

Hey Owls its time for another episode of Water Wednesday, did you know Pearson Pool 30 is open?  Remember to please create an IMLeagues account and reserve a lane before coming in for a swim.  Forget where Pearson Pool is located?  Need to know how to find a locker room? Then check out this week’s Water Wednesday episode by clicking HERE.

  • Wednesday, October 7th:  Swimsuits

Its time for another episode of Water Wednesdays!  Owls, did you know Pearson Pool is back open?  Maybe its been a while since you went swimming and its time for you to purchase a new swimsuit.  Don’t know which kind of suit you should buy?  Don’t worry! In this week's Water Wednesday, Joe and his lifeguard, Laura take an in-depth look at all the different swimsuits men and women can buy.  Hopefully by the end of the video you’ll be ready to purchase your next suit.  Click here for this week's episode.

  • Wednesday, September 30th:  Core Exercises

Its another Water Wednesday and this time we're on dry-land to help you to increase your speed and improve your technique in the water.  This week we'll show you how to work on strengthening your core. For swimmers attempting to minimize drag resistance through the water, the core plays a very important role in keeping the body in a stable streamline position.

Anthony Alongi, our Assistant Director for Fitness, show you how to strengthen your core out of the water and without any equipment!  CLICK HERE for two examples of core exercises that you can do at home and on your own time.  Anthony suggests doing core exercise following the completion of your swim to get a full-workout.  Do a few rounds of these exercises (3-5 in total) and hold each exercise for at least 30-45 seconds.

  • Wednesday, September 23rd:  10 Questions with a Lifeguard

Hey Owls, its Wednesday so that must mean another episode of Water Wednesdays!  Have you ever wondered what that lifeguard was thinking about while sitting that that tall chair watching the water all day?  Of course you have, then join Joe this week as he interviews one of our lifegaurds and finds out all about being a lifeguard.  Click HERE for this week's episode.  

  • Wednesday, September 16th:  Goggles

Hey swimmers!  Have you ever had a problem with your goggles fogging up, not fitting properly or worse yet water leaking in?  Well if so make sure to check out this week's episode of Water Wednesdays to learn more about swim goggles.  Joe offers insight and suggestions on what you should look for when purchasing your next pair.  Click HERE to make sure you always are able to see where you're going while swimming!

  • Wednesday, September 9th:  Dynamic Stretching

Swimmers! Before jumping into the pool, make sure you take a few minutes and do some dynamic stretching! Check out Joe and Anthony as they walk you through some basic stretches.

Dynamic Warmups:

  • What is dynamic stretching?
    • Gentle cardio exercises, that requires the body to move as it stretches. 
  • Why are they important?
    • They can increase blood flow to the muscles and raise body temperature. The water will feel less cold if you do some dynamic stretches before jumping in!
  • Make sure that the deck is dry around you before doing these stretches. You can also use an exercise mat or wear shoes to give yourself more stability. 

Dynamic stretches reviewed in the video: 

  • Shoulder circles
  • Standing fly
  • Shoulder rolls
  • Standing knee raises
  • Hip external/internal rotation
  • Wednesday, September 2nd:  Stroke Definitions/Development/Tips

This week in Water Wednesdays our Aquatics Director Joe Wolgast shows you the different types of swimming strokes. Additionally he will offer tips for what a swimmer should do getting back in the water for the first time after a long layoff. He'll also share some tips you can do in the water to develop their stroke.  Check out this week's Water Wednesday episode.

  • Wednesday, August 26th: Where can I swim, what else can I do?  What to expect on Water Wednesdays

This week in Water Wednesdays our Aquatics Director Joe Wolgast takes you through hot spots in the Philadelphia area where you can go to swim and engage in fitness activities while we prepare our Main Campus Rec Pool to open for Fall 2020. Click HERE to check him out