Virtual Programming


Weekly Series

Check out our weekly series of virtual programming from the Fall & Spring semesters filled with fun activities, information and much more.

  • Try a Sport Tuesdays
    • There are so many sports and activities out there, how do you know what is for you? Each week we will introduce you to some new activities that we think you'll like and maybe even try!
  • Water Wednesdays
    • In this aquatics based weekly series we will share some tips and information for making your time in and around the water more enjoyable!
  • Thursdays with Terri
    • Campus Rec's own Terri Sargent will share some Do it Yourself (DIY) activities that you can do at home.  You never you what you will be doing on Thursdays with Terri
  • Fall for the Wall Fridays
    • Love climbing?  Don't know about climbing?  Either way join us on Fridays and "Fall for the Wall" in this weekly series that will share climbing related information, activities and places that will further your experience in the world of climbing.   
  • Sport Club Weekends
    • Its the weekend that must mean its a Sport Club weekend!  Did you know we have 31 active Sport Clubs here in Campus Recreation?  Each of these groups and their members are unique, tune in each weekend to hear their stories and learn more about their club!