Try A Sport Tuesday


Spring 2021 Episodes

  • April 27th:  Thank You from Try A Sport Tuesday

Well this week marks our last episode of Try A Sport Tuesday for the 2020-2021 academic year (fear not we will be back in the summer!).  Try a Sport Tuesday was our way from Intramurals to connect with the Temple Community during this challenging academic year.  Over the last year we have introduced different sports, games, modes of transportation and just overall fun into your week every Tuesday.  Jay, Pete and Ray want to thank you for checking us out every week with our fun and informative videos.  CLICK HERE for this week's episode and Try A Sport Tuesdays will be hitting the road this stay tuned!

  • April 20th:  Dodgeball

Duck!  It is another episode of Try a Sport Tuesday and this week you really will want to dodge...and duck, dip, dive and dodge into this week's episode.  This week we will be checking out the sport of dodgeball.  Here at Temple University we offer it as an Intramural activity.  Our friends at Heyday Athletics offer some dodgeball leagues in and around the city of Philadelphia.  CLICK HERE to watch highlights of an epic dodgeball match between Team USA and Team Canada in 2019.  

  • April 13th:  Cornhole

The weather is warming up and soon we'll be looking at some backyard fun and one of the easiest backyard game is Cornhole.  In this week's episode of Try A Sport Tuesday we explore the game of cornhole.  Did you know there is an American Cornhole Association?  Check out this week's episode to learn more about this fun game.  CLICK HERE for more information on playing the game and CLICK HERE to see what you need to get started. 

  • April 6th:  Cycling

It is Spring time in Philadelphia and the city is people are starting to get out and about more as the weather improves.  Check out this week's Try a Sport Tuesday where we will talk about biking in and around Philadelphia If you do not have a bike, that is OK, we will introduce you to some places to rent a bike to enjoy all the sights around the city.  Click HERE to watch this week’s episode of Try a Sport Tuesday and start pedalling!

  • March 30th:  Becoming an Official

This week Try a Sport Tuesday is introducing you to a new way to get back into a sport you participated in or just enjoy watching.  In this episode we will share with you some information on becoming a sports official.  Currently every sport in every high school athletic association is in need of officials.  Sure we always see the negative experiences on the news, but ask an official why they officiate and they will tell you about all the great experiences and friendships.  Officiating is a great way to stay engaged or give back to a sport that may have given you great memories as a player.  CLICK HERE for a very informative video from our friends at the School District of Philadelphia discussing how to become an official.  Check out the links below for information about getting involved.  Past episodes can be found below.

  • March 23rd: Bowling

In this week's episode of Try a Sport Tuesday we look at another activity that can be done socially or competitively.  In this week's episode we focus on bowling.  In and around the city you can find some great traditional bowling alley and some really cool boutique ones that are great for social experiences.  CLICK HERE for some local bowling opportunities and CLICK HERE if you are interestedin participating in a bowling league in the area.

  • March 16th: The Madness of March

March Madness is upon us and for many people this IS the most wonderful time of year!  In this week's episode of Try A Sport Tuesday, we are going to give you some insight into all of this craziness.  We'll talk about these 4 words--sign up, pick watch and win!  CLICK HERE to view this week's episode and decide how you'll pick your bracket--mascots, colors, coin toss?  Also check IM LEAGUES for information on how to get involved in March Madness Campus Rec style! 

  • March 9th: Intramurals are Back!

This week Try a Sport Tuesday has a big announcement...INTRAMURALS ARE BACK!  Starting March 22nd we will return with some opportunities for Temple students to participate in a fun, competitive setting.  CLICK HERE to hear our Intramural Coordinator, Ray DeStephanis provide information on what to expect and what is coming.  Check IM LEAGUES for information on how to get involved! 

  • March 2nd:  Climbing

Two weeks ago we took a field trip and had so much fun that we're going to do it again!  This time we're going to visit our friends on Fall for the Wall Fridays and learn about climbing.  Fall for the Wall Fridays has something for everyone, whether you are an experienced climber or someone who has never been on a wall before.  Philadelphia is also a hotbed for indoor climbing gyms for those looking to explore and learn.  Some of our favorite Fall for the Wall Friday episodes are:

There are also some great facilities in the area to explore:

  • Tuesday, February 23rd:  Celebrating NIRSA 

This week we have a very special episode of Try a Sport Tuesday!  First, we celebrated NIRSA Recreational Sports and Fitness Day yesterday on February 22nd.  NIRSA is the National Intramural Recreational Sports Assoiciation and is the our National organization for campus recreation.  NIRSA's was founded by William Wasson from Dillard University and the beginnings of our organziation are in the HBCU's.   Click here to watch as Pete Vincent, Assistant Director of Programs, and Ray DeStephanis, Intramural Coordinator, discuss NIRSA's history and importance.  Click here to learn about the history of our great organization and click here to watch a great video of NIRSA's 100th anniversary in 2013.

  • Tuesday, February 16th:  Aquatics

In this Week's Episode of Try a Sport Tuesday we're going to take a field trip to our neighbors on Water Wednesdays!  We're going to explore the world of aquatics and all of the fun, healthy benefits that swimming can provide.  Try a Sport Tuesday wants to highlight some of the great things that Water Wednesdays are doing to hopefully spark some interest in beginning your journey into the pool.  On campus Pearson Hall Pool is a great place to swim some laps.  Swimming laps not your thing?  Check out the Greater Philadelphia Water Polo Association which has opportunities for new and experienced water polo players.  Below you will find the links to some Water Wednesday episodes to start your swimming adventure.  

  • Tuesday, February 9th:  Dominoes

The weather lately has not been too cooperative with getting outside and trying some new activities.  In this week's episode of Try a Sport Tuesday we look at dominoes.  There are so many great activities you can do with a set of dominoes.  CLICK HERE for a quick intro video and CLICK HERE for some great ideas.  This website has some additional resources and ides--

  • Tuesday, February 2nd:  The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is not only the biggest football game of the year, but is traditionally one of the biggest events of the year.  In this week's episode of Try A Sport Tuesday our Assistant Director of Programs, Pete Vincent talks about some of the aspects of the Super Bowl...not just the football.   Whether its the commercials, the halftime or the food that draws you into the game, CLICK HERE to check out this week's episode.  Also CLICK HERE for Food Network's 100 Crowd Pleasing Super Bowl Apps and CLICK HERE for find some fun games to play during the "Big Game." 

  • Tuesday, January 26th: Axe Throwing

When it is cold outside we look for activities to do indoors.  In this week's Try a Sport Tuesday we discuss a new and exciting indoor activity that has a long history, its AXE THROWING!  CLICK HERE for a video with some information on this fun, social and competitive activity (the video was filmed in a pre-COVID environment).  CLICK HERE to find some local places to throw some axes!

  • Tuesday, January 19th: Sledding and Snow Tubing

Is there anything better than a snow day?  Of course not!  In the first Try a Sport Tuesday Episode of 2021 we're going to talk about some great spots in Philadelphia to sled or snow tube when it snows.  Click here for some suggestions in the city and surrounding area.  We know that it doesn't always snow that much here, so click here for places to snow tube in the area, click here for a list that not only includes snow tubing but skiing.   Now lets start hoping for the next snow day so we can break out our sleds and tubes!

Fall 2020 Episodes

  • Tuesday, December 8th: Card Games

    Looking for something new to do?  Of course, thats why you're here for another episode of Try a Sport Tuesday!  This week we're going to introduce you to something that has endless possibilities, a deck of cards.  There are so many games you can play with a deck of cards, no matter the number of people you have to play!  Click here for some of our suggestions and see the link below for even more suggestions.   Who knows maybe you'll even advance to magic tricks with cards! Past episodes are listed below.

40 Great Card Games for All Occasions

  • Tuesday, December 1st:  Ice Skating

The weather is starting to turn chillier and we are all looking for some fun activities to do outside.  In this week's episode of Try a Sport Tuesday we look at ice skating.  We are lucky in the Philadelphia area to not only have a number of indoor rinks, however there are a couple of outdoor rinks that allow you to try ice skating.  In fact there are two in the city of Philadelphia!  So lace up those skates, bundle up, mask up and work on your Olympic moves...or just trying to stay upright!  Click here for additional information or check out the links below.

  • Tuesday, November 17th:  Board Games

The weather outside is getting colder, so in this week's Try a Sport Tuesday we look at Board Games!  There are so many great options to play inside with members of your family.  Whether you play some tried and true classics or you discover something new and interesting, there is hours of fun to be had!  Check out our list below of classic games and newer ones, maybe you'll find some new fun to play indoors this winter!  

  • Tuesday, November 10th:  Running

We're back!  Check out this week's episode of Try a Sport Tuesday where we talk about running.  Running or jogging are great life-long activities that you can do recreationally or competitively at all ages.  CLICK HERE to view this week's episode.  Check out the links below for some great resources and make sure to register for Campus Recreation's Fall Break 5K by clicking here.

  • Tuesday, November 3rd:  Go Vote

We're off this week...make sure you get out and vote!

  • Tuesday, October 27:  Frisbee

In this week's episode of Try a Sport Tuesday we introduce you to an activity that is universal in how you can play it, Frisbee.  You can grab a friend or two and toss the frisbee around at the beach or a grassy field.  You can also visit a local frisbee golf course and combine it with last week's activity!  Lastly you can take frisbee to a competitive level by playing a game of Ultimate Frisbee.  We're not sure if there is a more universal activity!  Click HERE to view this week's video where Pete Vincent talks about the basics of frisbee.  Also click HERE for the basics of Ultimate Frisbee or HERE to learn about Frisbee Golf.  So let it fly and have some fun!  Past episode

  • Tuesday, October 20th:  Golf

FORE!  Look out for this week's episode of Try a Sport Tuesday as we hit the links and talk about the game of golf.  Golf is a great game that you can learn at any point in your life and can play it most of the year.  As you get ready to hit the links check out this great article for beginners from Golf Digest.  Click HERE for some information on golf in the Philadelphia area.  Let us know when you hit your first Hole in One!

  • Tuesday, October 13:  Table Tennis

We've spent many of our Try a Sport Tuesday episodes focusing on some outdoor activities.  In this week's episode Pete Vincent, Assistant Director for Programs, will introduce you to Table Tennis or Ping Pong.  Its a great indoor (or outdoor activity) that you can do with two-four people.  Click HERE to view this week's episode.  Also watch this great video HERE that explains the sport in more detail.  Past episodes can be found below.

  • Tuesday, October 6th:  "Different" Ways to Get Around the City

In last week's episode of Try a Sport Tuesday we talked about cycling options in the Philadelphia area.  In this week's episode we look at some "different" ways to get around the City of Philadelphia.  We'll investigate seeing the sites of Center City via Segway and some fun spots to learn to skateboard in the area.  Click here for information on Segway rentals and a locations to skateboard in and around Philadelphia.  Past episodes can be found below.

  • Tuesday, September 29th: Cylcing

Check out this week's Try a Sport Tuesday where we will talk about biking in and around Philadelphia.  If you do not have a bike, that is OK, we will introduce you to some places to rent a bike to enjoy all the sights around the city.  Click HERE to watch this week’s episode of Try a Sport Tuesday and start pedalling!


Trails in Philadelphia

Indego Blue Bike Rental Info

Places to Rent Bikes

  • Tuesday, September 22nd: Skydiving

It's Week 5 of Try a Sport Tuesday and this week we are introducing you to our adventurous side as we talk about skydiving.  We’ll talk with Chris Hopkins, Associate Director for Facilities about his skydiving experience.  Additionally we’ll point you in the direction of some skydiving venues in the Philadelphia area so you can show your adventurous side!  So check out this week’s episode HERE.

  • Tuesday, September 15th: What is QB54?

With the NFL season starting, Episode 4 of Try a Sport Tuesday will introduce you to QB54,  it is a fun, new football-based game.  It's a quick, easy and exciting activity you can do with 1-3 friends in a variety of venues.  We think you’ll enjoy it!  Click HERE for an explanation of the game and let’s play some QB54!  For more information check out QB54's Website.

  • Tuesday, September 8th: Kayaking in and around Philadelphia

In this week's episode of Try A Sport Tuesday, we're going to show you some places in and around Philadelphia that you can hit the open waters in a kayak!  Kayaking is a great physical activty that also allows you to see some of the sites around the area and experience nature.  Click here for a list of outfitters who can help get you set up on your next adventure!

  • Tuesday, September 1st: League offerings in and around Philadelphia

In this week's episode of Try A Sport Tuesday, we're going to share some information a couple of great recreational and competitive leagues in and around the city.  We know many of you love to play sports at all levels, here are some organizations currently offering activities.  Click here to for more information.  Campus Recreation's Intramural Supervisor, Nick Tarducci shares his knowledge about one of these organizations, Heyday Athletics.  Click here to listen.

  • Tuesday, August 25th: What is Try A Sport Tuesday and What are E-Sports?

This week in Try A Sport Tuesday, our Associate Director for Programs, Jay Gallagher introduces this new weekly series and what you can expect during the semester.  We also discuss the newest Intramural offering for this Fall, E-Sports.  Click HERE to learn about Try A Sport Tuesday! 

Challenge week 1 - Can you Hula Hoop? Join our staff and their little helpers to meet the challenge of hooping in our social media sites. Check out some facts from the

  • Hula hoops date back to Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece, and were used for a similar purpose as they are today, and were a popular toy in England around the 1300s, while around the same time, Native Americans also used them for dancing purposes.
  • The longest recorded duration for a single hula hoop to be hooped is 74 hours and 54 minutes, a record set in Ohio, United States by Aaron Hibbs in late 2009.