Try A Sport Tuesday

Due to COVID-19 the Campus Recreation programs will be operating virtually.  For more information about available programming and resources please see below.  For current information regarding Campus Recreation check back to the Campus Rec COVID-19 Updates page or our social media platforms.

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Current Episode

    Tuesday, September 15th: What is QB54?

    With the NFL season starting, Episode 4 of Try a Sport Tuesday will introduce you to QB54,  it is a fun, new football-based game.  It's a quick, easy and exciting activity you can do with 1-3 friends in a variety of venues.  We think you’ll enjoy it!  Click HERE for an explanation of the game and let’s play some QB54!  For more information check out QB54's Website.

    Past Episodes

    Tuesday, September 8th: Kayaking in and around Philadelphia

    In this week's episode of Try A Sport Tuesday, we're going to show you some places in and around Philadelphia that you can hit the open waters in a kayak!  Kayaking is a great physical activty that also allows you to see some of the sites around the area and experience nature.  Click here for a list of outfitters who can help get you set up on your next adventure!

    Tuesday, September 1st: League offerings in and around Philadelphia

    In this week's episode of Try A Sport Tuesday, we're going to share some information a couple of great recreational and competitive leagues in and around the city.  We know many of you love to play sports at all levels, here are some organizations currently offering activities.  Click here to for more information.  Campus Recreation's Intramural Supervisor, Nick Tarducci shares his knowledge about one of these organizations, Heyday Athletics.  Click here to listen.

    Tuesday, August 25th: What is Try A Sport Tuesday and What are E-Sports?

    This week in Try A Sport Tuesday, our Associate Director for Programs, Jay Gallagher introduces this new weekly series and what you can expect during the semester.  We also discuss the newest Intramural offering for this Fall, E-Sports.  Click HERE to learn about Try A Sport Tuesday! 

    Challenge week 1 - Can you Hula Hoop? Join our staff and their little helpers to meet the challenge of hooping in our social media sites. Check out some facts from the

    • Hula hoops date back to Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece, and were used for a similar purpose as they are today, and were a popular toy in England around the 1300s, while around the same time, Native Americans also used them for dancing purposes.
    • The longest recorded duration for a single hula hoop to be hooped is 74 hours and 54 minutes, a record set in Ohio, United States by Aaron Hibbs in late 2009.