Thursdays with Terri

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Current Episode

Thursday, September 17th:  Overnight Breakfast

In Episode 4, Terri shows you how to make an OVERNIGHT BREAKFAST that is filling and time saving. Click HERE for this week's episode. The recipe can be found at HERE and past episodes can be found below.

Past Episodes

Thursday, September 10th: Air Plant

In Episode 3, Terri shows you how to plant an air plant and to learn how to keep your air plant from having an attitude. Click HERE for this week's episode and for more information on air plants click HERE. Past episodes can be found below.

Thursday, September 3rd: Protein Fruit Smoothies

In Episode 2, Terri shows you how to make a Protein Fruit Smoothie drink. Click HERE to see her in action. The recipe and past episodes can be found below: 

  • Strawberry Banana Protein Smoothie Recipe
    • Time: 5 mins
    • Author: The Frugal Girls,
    • Ingredients
      • 5 large frozen Strawberries
      • ½ Banana
      • 6 oz. Strawberry Yoplait Yogurt 6g protein
      • ½ cup Nonfat Milk 4g protein
      • 2 Tbsp EAS Vanilla Whey Protein Powder 7g protein
    • Instructions
      • Place all ingredients in Blender, and blend well until smooth.
      • Transfer smoothie to a glass or mason jar, and ENJOY!

Thursday, August 27th: DIY Shower Bombs

Check out our weekly series, Thursdays with Terri, as our host introduces a fun DIY activity each week for you to try at home.  In Episode 1, Terri shows you how to make a Shower Bomb at home.  Click HERE to check out our first episode.