Tennis Courts

On Tuesday, January 19th, barring changes in the guidelines from Temple University or Government Officials, Campus Recreation facilities will reopen.  Please check the Hours of Operation page for the facilities that are open.  Campus Recreation programs will continue to operate virtually, for more information please visit our Virtual Recreation page.  For the most current information regarding Campus Recreation check back to the Campus Rec COVID-19 Updates page or our social media platforms. 

Questions or concerns please contact,


**Please note the Tennis Courts no longer not require a reservation.  We encourage all participants to uphold the 4 Pillars of Health while utilizing the space.  Please review the guidelines below.

General Policies for Outdoor Spaces

  • Please remember to bring your Temple Owlcard with you to show staff if requested.  
  • Please adhere to the university’s guidance on their 4-Pillars of Public Health for COVID-19 prior to coming to your reservation.
    • Face Coverings - Please ensure you are wearing a mask at all times while within an indoor fitness facility.  
      • Face masks are required even while exercising if you can’t maintain 6’ of social distancing.  Please refer to the university protocol document on TUPortal for detailed information on this protocol: Use of Masks or Face Coverings During Exercise.
    • Physical Distancing - Please ensure you are maintaining at least 6 feet of distance between yourself and others within the fitness center.
    • Hand Hygiene - Hand sanitizer, restrooms and locker rooms are all available options for patrons to keep hands clean during your reservation/workout.
    • Personal Health Monitoring - Please be sure to monitor your own health prior to coming to any recreation facility.  If you don’t feel well - please stay home.
  • Restroom use will be directed to Pearson/McGonigle Halls.

Activity Policies for Outdoor Spaces

  • Please ensure you are utilizingthe tennis courts for tennis. 
  • The maximum occupancy of the Tennis Court is currently ONLY 2 people per court.

Tennis Courts

Location: 15th and Norris Streets

There are six (6) fully lighted outdoor courts located at 15th and Norris Streets.  Equipment rental is unavailable for Spring 2021.

For questions on any outdoor facilities please contact Chris Hopkins, Associate Director for Facilities, at