Temple Titans – An Intramural Story

By Alyssa Ghilardi      

            If you’re like me, being a part of a team can mean more than playing the sport itself. That is, when you have a team that starts to feel less like people you occasionally play with and more like friends you work to win with. Joining Campus Recreation’s intramural league has been the highlight of my soon to be quick two years at Temple University. It’s not just about the play, it’s about the team. My girls and I, we’re on a mission.

            Last fall I joined the woman’s basketball intramural league not knowing a single person. The Temple Titans welcomed me on with open arms. Throughout the season we had a lot of great wins, a few amazing games, and a couple hard losses. Including the championship game. We got so close but couldn’t work out the big win to head to the City 6 tournament, the ultimate goal. But this year, as the new captain of Temple Titans, it’s safe to say City 6 is ours for the taking. We have eight wins and zero losses. Not because we are the best players but because we have the most fun when we step on the court.  Every Sunday as we lace up our sneakers and pick up our pinny, the energy becomes undeniable. Whether Kate is finishing a euro step with an and 1, Danica is blowing by her defensive girl with a cross over to a floater for the finish, or I’m spotting up for a knock down three in the corner, we are all yelling and chanting each other on. The fun isn’t in the points we put on the board, it’s in the way we push each other to perform and play. It’s contagious really. We’ve had girls on the opposing team encourage us to shoot a deep 3, referee’s count out our points until one of us scores double digits because honestly, the roar of excitement our team brings to the whole gym is undeniable. Friend or foe, when we are on the court everyone in the gym cracks a smile or two.

            Moral of the story; intramurals is for the player that simply loves to play. I can’t wait to see the energy we bring to the City 6 tournament but I know it’s going to light up the gym. We came close last year but this time around, I see us going all the way. If you haven’t thought about it before I would recommend seeing where intramurals could take you. You never know. It’s amazing what ease comes with winning when the motivation sparks from the love of the game. campusrecreation.temple.edu/intramurals