Swim Lessons

Private or Semi-Private Swim Lessons

Temple University Campus Recreation offers private and semi-private lessons in addition to the group lesson program, Learn to Swim. All participants must have valid Campus Recreation access to register.

Sessions will last 30 minutes and take place in Pool 30 or 31. Lessons will not interfere with regular recreational or academic classes that are taking place. Lessons will also take place when client availability meets instructor availability.  Instructor-client matches are not guaranteed, but we will attempt to match each client with an instructor in a timely fashion.

A potential client MUST have valid Campus Recreation access to purchase swim lessons

Swim lesson will only be available on Temple University’s Main Campus

Who can buy?

Students - any undergraduate or graduate student

Non-students - faculty, staff member, administrator, an alumnus with valid CREC access. Children of students and employees are also permitted.

*Children of students receive the student rate/cost *

*Children under 18 must have a parent/guardian stay on deck during the lesson*

Additional information:

Payment options include cash, Diamond Dollars, or check/money order made payable to Temple University; insufficient funds on checks will incur a $25 penalty.

A client can purchase a session package of up to: 1, 3, 5, or 10

The first session will focus on establishing goals and current swim level.  Because of this, client and instructor may spend less time in the water, to review paperwork.

Private lessons are one on one with patron and instructor

Semi-private lessons are with two or three patrons and one instructor. Partners/groups must EACH fill out a swim lesson form and pay in full at the same time

Sign up for private or semi-private lesson(s) Process

1.  Send, Aquatics Coordinator, Joe Wolgast an email at joe.wolgast@temple.edu and let him know that you are interested in taking private/semi-private swim lessons.

2.   The Aquatics Coordinator will follow up with you to have a meeting to go over swim lesson information, goals, and, availability. The Aquatics Coordinator then signs off on a swim lesson form after the meeting.

3.   Patron goes to purchase sessions at the main office - MUST PRODUCE SIGNED SWIM LESSON FORM. Must come with a partner(s) if you are signing up for semi-private lessons.  All patrons must have valid recreation access.

4.   Swim Lesson receipt and waiver is filled out in its entirety

5.   Upon completing waiver and payment, the patron will be contacted by the instructor within two business days to set up the first session.

6.   If you sign up for the semi-private lessons, you MUST be present together with your partner to purchase the sessions.

Pricing: Private Lessons (Individual)

Student Cost:

1 x 30-minute lesson $15
3 x 30-minute lesson $45
5 x 30-minute lesson $75
10 x 30-minute lesson $150

Employee/Alumni Cost:

1 x 30-minute lesson $30
3 x 30-minute lesson $60
5 x 30-minute lesson $100
10 x 30-minute lesson $200

Pricing: Semi-Private Lessons (groups of 2-3 participants)

*price per participant*

Student Cost:

1 x 30-minute lesson $25
3 x 30-minute lesson $75
5 x 30-minute lesson $125
10 x 30-minute lesson $250

Employee/Alumni Cost:

1 x 30-minute lesson $30
3 x 30-minute lesson $90
5 x 30-minute lesson $150
10 x 30-minute lesson $300

TARDINESS POLICY: Lessons will begin and end promptly. Please plan on arriving 10-15 minutes early to allow time to change into your bathing suit. CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance with Aquatics Coordinator. Weekend lessons or Monday/Holiday lessons must be canceled before 5:00 PM on Friday. The lesson may be rescheduled, but a refund will not be issued. Refunds will only be issued for medical reasons, in which case a doctor’s note must be presented. If the participant does not show up for a scheduled lesson, cancels within less than 24 hours or after 5:00 PM on Fridays, the lesson will be forfeited. If a participant in a semi-private lesson cannot attend for any reason, the lesson should be rescheduled; otherwise, the missing party will forfeit the lesson. In case of emergency (i.e., sudden illness or family emergency), immediately call 215-204-1675 or e-mail the Aquatics Coordinator. The decision on whether the lesson will result in rescheduling or forfeiture will be at the discretion of the instructor and based on pool availability.

PICTURE AND VIDEO POLICY: Pictures and video are not allowed during private swim lessons.

For more information, as well as questions regarding Aquatics registration, contact Joe Wolgast, Aquatics Coordinator by phone at (215)-204-1675, or via e-mail at joe.wolgast@temple.edu.