Summer 2021 Group Fitness

SUMMER 2021 UPDATES--Campus Recreation facilities will be open during the summer, please check out Hours of Operation page for the most up to date schedule.  Group Fitness will be offering in-person, outdoor sessions during the summer, please visit the Summer 2021 page for the schedule.  To stay up to date on our full complement of virtual programming, visit our Virtual Recreation page.  Lastly for current information regarding Campus Recreation check back to the Campus Rec COVID-19 Updates page or our social media platforms.

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Summer 2021 Schedule

  • Tuesday
    • Bootcamp
      • 4:00pm on IBC Outdoor Court
      • 45-min session with Stuti
    • Zumba
      • 5:15pm on IBC Outdoor Court
      • 45-min session with Rachel
  • Wednesday
    • Cardio Kickboxing
      • 4:00pm on IBC Outdoor Court
      • 45-min session with Ron
  • Thursday
    • ​​​​​​​Yoga
      • 4:00pm on IBC Outdoor Court
      • 45-min session with Kourtney

General Information

  • Each session will be limited to 15 attendees and requires preregistration via IM Leagues.  Please see below on how to register.  
    • Sessions will open at 7:00pm, three (3) days before the session date, for example a Monday session opens at 7:00pm on Friday.
  • Masks must be worn at all times.  
  • Attendees will be notified of weather cancellations via IM Leagues in advance of the session.

Activity Policies

  • Please adhere to the university’s guidance on their 4-Pillars of Public Health for COVID-19 prior to coming to your session.
    • Face Coverings - Please ensure you are wearing a mask at all times while attending group fitness. 
      • Face masks are required even while participating.  Please refer to the university protocol document on TUPortal for detailed information on this protocol: Use of Masks or Face Coverings During Exercise.
    • Physical Distancing - Participants must remain within their "circle" that is drawn on the IBC Outdoor Court.  
    • Hand Hygiene - Hand sanitizer, restrooms and locker rooms are all available options for patrons to keep hands clean during your session.
    • Personal Health Monitoring - Please be sure to monitor your own health prior to coming to any recreation facility.  If you don’t feel well - please stay home.
  • In order to maintain safety and reservation efficiency, access to locker rooms will be limited to just restroom use and/or to change.  There will be no locker rentals, locker usage or shower usage.  We recommend that you arrive ready to work out in order to maximize your reserved time.
    • Please bring your belongings with you and place within your circle.
  • Flex disinfecting wipes are available for your use.  These wipes have been approved by the CDC and Temple’s Department of Environmental Health and Safety for disinfecting purposes.

    Registration Information

    Registration for the sessions will be conducted via IM Leagues Fitness.  Please review our guidelines below prior to registering:

    • Participants will need to create an IM Leagues account. (see below)
      • You will be required to use your email account to create your account.
      • If you participate in Intramurals that account can be utilized for group fitness.
    • Participants will be required to preregister for each session via IM Leagues Group Fitness portal. (see below)

    Creating an IM Leagues Account

    Video with Steps to Create IM Leagues Account

    • Visit IM Leagues
    • Select Temple University as the School/Organization
    • Enter your information into the form
      • You will be required to use an email account.
    • A confirmation email will be sent to your account.
      • This e-mail may end up in your junk mail.
    • Follow the instructions to complete your registration.

    Registering for a Group Fitness Session

    Video with Steps to Register for a Group Fitness Session

    Video showing how to use the FREE IM Leagues App on your smartphone

    • Go to the IM Leagues Group Fitness portal.
    • Login into your IM Leagues account.
    • Select the session you are interested in attending.
    • Click JOIN on the date interested.
    • You will be sent a confirmation email.
    • 30-minutes prior to the session you will be sent the Zoom information.

    Questions?  Contact:

    Kourtney Clark
    Fitness Coordinator