Stress Management and Mindfulness Resources

Feeling out of sorts? It is to be expected and it is OK.  Please reach out.  Below are some resources that may help each of us be better at self-care.

Tuttleman Counseling Services (TCS)

TCS is committed to Temple University’s efforts to protect the health of students during the emergence of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). For this reason, TCS is currently closed for face-to-face meetings as a safety measure. However, they are continuing to offer remote counseling services. If you are interested in speaking to a counselor, please call 215-204-7276 or email and leave a message containing your name, phone number, and email address. More information can be found on TCS’s website.


  • Stress and Copingfrom The CDC - comprehensive guide explaining how COVID-19 may affect mental health, with advice and resources for common manifestations of stress, healthy habit formation, how best to support one another, and more
  • Resources for Managing Stressfrom National Center for PTSD, U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs - list of resources and advice for the general population, for providers and community leaders, and for healthcare workers
  • That Discomfort You're Feeling is Grieffrom Harvard Business Review - interview and discussion with David Kessler, an author and grief expert, on identifying anticipatory grief and anxiety, as well as how to manage them
  • I Spent a Year in Space, and I Have Tips on Isolation to Sharefrom The N.Y. Times - opinion piece giving advice on how to deal with isolation from Scott Kelly, retired NASA astronaut who spent nearly a year in the International Space Station

For parents/caretakers: