Session Descriptions

Group Fitness Sessions Names and Descriptions
Session NameSession Description

Boot Camp

 Battle it out with your body as you challenge your cardiovascular endurance in this session.

Core & More

 A short session designed to target your midsection muscles from front to back!


This 50 minute session includes 40 minutes of rigorous cardiovascular training using an indoor cycling bike, 5 minutes of setup, and a 5 minute stretch. Space is limited to 30 individuals, so arrive early and don’t forget your water bottle and towel! 

Flow Yoga

Engage in a mind-body connection through this mmoving mediation, designed to pair breath to movement patternts and specific poses. New and seasoned practicioners can find alignment, movement, strength, and mindfulness in this intentionally flowing, Vinyasa-based practice. 

Gentle Yoga

Intended to relieve stress, calm the mind, and enhance flexibility, relax with this gentle, accessible practice. A wonderful complement or introduction to more vigorous practices. Learn to be present in the moment while allowing your body and mind the space needed to relieve tension and stress through this practice. Props will be used and supported poses may be held longer to allow the deep muscle tissue to fully relax. 

Kardio Kick

An intense cardiovascular workout utilizing the latest in kickboxing and cross-training techniques. 

Power Yoga

This Vinyasa-based practice of yoga links breath with movement and is done at a faster pace than traditional Hatha yoga sessions.


High Intensity Interval Training. A 30-minute interval based session that combines cardio bursts with full body strength exercises to keep your heart rate elevated during your entire workout. This session will push you to your limits!


Relax, stretch, and tone muscles in this fitness session designed to enhance your mental, physical, and spiritual fitness. 


An exciting hour of dancing that fuses Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a party like no other!