Session Descriptions

Group Fitness Sessions Names and Descriptions
Session Name Session Description

Aqua Box

This 60 minute non-impact shallow water workout with voluntary deep water exercises features callisthenic drills and boxing moves! *Lifeguard on duty.

Body Weight Blast

 No equipment necessary in this session! You will use your own body weight to challenge yourself in this high intensity cardio/strength interval mix.

Boot Camp

 Battle it out with your body as you challenge your cardiovascular endurance in this session.

Bosu Boot Camp

Boot Camp with a twist! The Bosu balance trainer is used throughout the session to challenge those smaller muscles while still making you sweat.

Cardio Barre

This session combines ballet barre exercises, light weights, and resistance, bands to help tighten and tone the body. Along with a consistent focus on improving balance, its series of resistance and toning exercises targets the legs, buttocks, arms, and torso.

Cardio Sculpt

A dynamic combination of interval training, strength toning, core sculpting, and full body stretching all wrapped up in one!

Core & More

 A short session designed to target your midsection muscles from front to back!

Cycle Core

This hour is filled with a challenging 35 minute cycling session followed by a rocking 25 minutes of core work that will leave  you with a good sweat and a tight tummy. Space is limited to 30 individuals, so arrive early and don’t forget a water bottle.


This 50 minute session includes 40 minutes of rigorous cardiovascular training using an indoor cycling bike, 5 minutes of setup, and a 5 minute stretch. Space is limited to 30 individuals, so arrive early and don’t forget your water bottle and towel! 

Full Body Toning

This session uses a combination of weights, barbells, and bodyweight to build both your muscle strength and endurance. Come get strong!

HIIT Cycling

You will be pushed to the limit in this High Intensity Interval Training session on the cycling bike. This session will incorporate experienced level cycling choreography such as sprints, pace pushers, and bouts of Tabata. Space is limited to 30 individuals, so arrive early and don’t forget a water bottle.

Hip Hop

A fun filled, action packed, choreographed dance class set to hip hop songs!

Kardio Kick

An intense cardiovascular workout utilizing the latest in kickboxing and cross-training techniques.


An action-packed, choreographed kickboxing session that uses combinations of kicks and punches with mixes of intervals.


Core conditioning session designed to enhance muscle tone, posture, flexibility, and balance.

Power Yoga

This Vinyasa-based practice of yoga links breath with movement and is done at a faster pace than traditional Hatha yoga sessions.


A high intensity interval session that pushes you to your limit for the whole thirty minutes in 2:1 work to recovery interval ratios.

Water Aerobics

An intense, 60 minute shallow water session with voluntary deep water, non-impact movements to increase your cardiovascular health while being supported in a water environment. Great for all levels. *Lifeguard on duty.*


Relax, stretch, and tone muscles in this fitness session designed to enhance your mental, physical, and spiritual fitness. 


A fun combination of both Yoga and Pilates that will leave you feeling strong and long!


An exciting hour of dancing that fuses Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a party like no other!

Zumba + Sculpt

A session filled with muscle strengthening and toning exercises paired with Zumba dances to give you a fun and effective workout!

Zumba + Step

This perfect blend of the old and new school mixes the traditional cardio choreography of Step with the fun and flair of a Zumba party!