Session Descriptions

SUMMER 2021 UPDATES--Campus Recreation facilities will be open during the summer, please check out Hours of Operation page for the most up to date schedule.  Group Fitness will be offering in-person, outdoor sessions during the summer, please visit the Summer 2021 page for the schedule.  To stay up to date on our full complement of virtual programming, visit our Virtual Recreation page.  Lastly for current information regarding Campus Recreation check back to the Campus Rec COVID-19 Updates page or our social media platforms.

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Group Fitness Sessions Descriptions

Session NameSession Description

Cardio Barre

This session combines ballet barre exercises and light weights to help tighten and tone the body. Along with a consistent focus on improving balance, its series of resistance and toning exercises targets the legs, buttocks, arms, and torso.

Cardio Jam

A fun filled, action packed, choreographed dance fitness session set to today's top music! 

Kardio Kick

An intense cardiovascular workout utilizing the latest in kickboxing and cross-training techniques. 


Core conditioning session designed to enhance muscle tone, posture, flexibility, and balance.


High Intensity Interval Training. A 30-minute interval based session that combines cardio bursts with full body strength exercises to keep your heart rate elevated during your entire workout. This session will push you to your limits!


Relax, stretch, and tone muscles in this fitness session designed to enhance your mental, physical, and spiritual fitness. 


An exciting 30-minutes of dancing that fuses Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a party like no other!