Saying Goodbye to Campus Rec

By: Emiliee Bryson, SSDAC Rep and Graduating Student Staff Member

I was ready to graduate college before it even began. I would fantasize over the “perfect” job and where I was going to live and what my next chapter in life would be like once I finally graduated.

Now here I am, weeks before graduating, facing the fact that the fantasy is turning into a reality… and frankly it’s scary. But as my favorite Philadelphia Prince (Will Smith) says “On the other side of your maximum fear are all of the best things in life.”  So here are three ideas to keep in mind for your continued journey, courtesy of my years at Campus Recreation.

1.     You are prepared. Your time with campus recreation has (and will continue to) helped you define your strengths, who you are, and just how great your potential is. From outstanding customer service to fast responses in emergency situations, you have been trained and are indeed one of the best. So no matter the opportunity, go for it because you are prepared.

2.     Take pride in all you do. Your grades may not always be A’s, and sometimes we all have to take an “L” but never forget the bigger picture. You are a successful student working towards your degree while also working and maintaining a social life. Keep your eyes on the prize and be proud of everything you do.

3.     You can always come home (to Campus Recreation). Campus Recreation is a family for all involved. Through late night trainings and hundreds of work hours we have been by one another's sides. Take comfort in the fact that no matter where life or school may take you, you will always have a support system within Campus Rec.