Racquetball Club

The Temple University Racquetball Club welcomes participants of all skill levels, from beginners who ahve never heard of the sport to professionally sponsored players.  Whether you want to come and have fun or want to improve your skills and compete, we have a spot on the team for you!  We offer an environment where your skills will be built upon with personalized coaching and you can learn to master the game of racquetball.
If you just love the game, our club is perfect for players who just need a group to play and have fun with.  We have players who have never picked up a racquet who come and enjoy the sport with us.  Our group is very diverse and attends to the needs of the varied skill levels within the club.
The club competes in the Eastern Collegiate Racquetball Conference, which consists of 20+ universities including UConn, West Point, and Penn State.  All traveling and competitions are optional.
Two Racquetball Players