New Year New Turf

Close Up Shot of the Geasey Field Turf

By: Gabby Nema

 “If you have ability in a certain area, why not capitalize on it and improve it and use it.” -Wilt Chamberlain

     Campus Recreation strives to improve the experience it provides for all the students at Temple University.  Whether it’s the intramural sports, sport clubs, athletics, or Army ROTC, Geasey Field is a place that is beneficial to students across the university.  Since it was installed in 2009, the turf has been benefiting the student body and promoting exercise.  It’s a place where thousands of students get together and enjoy recreation.   Associate Director of Programs, Jay Gallagher, talked to me about the importance of the turf bringing the community together and how it allows students to support each other.  “Geasey is convenient for students, it’s close to campus and allows our sport clubs to have a lot a home games.”

     The turf is used so frequently that it had recently gotten to a point where it needed to be renovated. On July 23rd, 2018 the renovation process of the field was up and running, laying down 145,000 square feet of new AstroTurf synthetic turf.  John Doman, the Director of Campus Recreation, was very enthusiastic about the new turf and all that it brings.  “The turf is aesthetically pleasing and safe, it will provide more recreation opportunities for students who don’t wish to participate in structured programs.”  He emphasized the sand and rubber infill that will allow the turf to be more multipurpose.   The sand and rubber infill allows the turf to absorb shock better than the old turf did, which is very beneficial for people playing sports on it.

     Now that the renovation process is complete all of the activities that take place on Geasey are in full swing.  Campus Recreation is excited for students to use the new and improved surface. Check out the Geasey tab on our Campus Recreation website for a weekly schedule on when the field is open for informal recreation. The schedule will be updated every Wednesday by noon. If you’re in a club you can put in a request to reserve the field through the Facility Request Form, also found on the Campus Recreation website.  Geasey is a place where you can go to have fun; you don’t have to be an athlete or competitive, it brings everyone together to enjoy the simple things in life.  Whether you’re playing in an intramural game, practicing with the Diamond Marching Band, or playing Frisbee with your friends... Geasey is the right place to be!