Net Night

By: Casey McCue, Undergraduate Marketing Major 

Among the many events that Campus Rec has to offer is the notorious Net Night. Anyone who wants to join can come and play any net game of your choosing. From volleyball to badminton to table tennis! You get to choose. The best part is, no registration and it’s free of charge!

 I know what you’re thinking… you want to enjoy all three of these spectacular sports. Well of course you can! You can do all three. Might as well try something new, you may discover a hidden talent. Net Night occurs every Friday on the third floor courts in Pearson and McGonigle halls. From 7pm to 10pm the courts are entirely devoted to net play. It’s the one day of the week where there is something different going on. No basketball. No intramural play. Let’s make it count.

 Feel free to come every Friday or as often as you would like.  Maybe you want to try something different or meet new people. Bring some friends because why not? It’s all free! Or you could make new friends of course. Who knows, maybe you will find a new doubles partner for table tennis! Anything that you could possibly need for these sports we have. The birdies, the balls, the paddles, everything! All we need from you is to show up and have a great time. The more people the merrier! Don’t be afraid to try something new and make new friends! We look forward to seeing all the new faces for our next Net Night!