Mind Body Week

Yoga Core

  • Join us for this core intensive yoga session. Be introduced to new core movements that you can incorporate into your own practice as well creative ways of visiting traditional core intensive postures.

Mantras and Moon Salutations

  • This calming practice will incorporate the use of cooling Moon Salutations and energy-clearing mantras playing in the background to further relax the mind and body.   Flowing at a slower pace than Miriam’s normal Power Yoga practice, her Mantras and Moon Salutations practice will focus more on deepening, opening, and restorative poses, giving the practicing yogi the chance to settle into a stretch and clear the mind.  

Aromatherapy yoga

  • Aromatherapy yoga will enhance your practice with the scent of essential oils throughout the room! Using small scented satchels, we will move through a yoga flow sequence with this added bonus to add some calm to the practice.

Mindfulness Yoga (90-minutes)

  • This session is a combination between gentle yoga and mindfulness meditation. Use the body and the breath to unwind the daily stresses that come from modern life. Learn how to connect to yourself, your body, and the students around you. Become attune to the present moment while gently building strength, balance, and mobility in the body. Expect to hold poses for several breaths while exploring and becoming aware of sensations in the mind.

Hip Hop Power Yoga

  • Flow with the sounds of old and new Hip Hop music. Let the smooth rhythms assist with forming the body-mind-breath connection. Feel free to dance a little bit as you flow powerfully from pose to pose.

Journey Into Power (75-minutes)

  • In this 75-minute fast-paced practice, you will take a journey into power through Baron Baptiste’s distinct Power Yoga sequence. You will sweat, strengthen, and stretch through this advanced power practice.

Chakra Flow

  • There are 7 chakra points in the body, following the line of the spine from the crown of your head to the base of your pelvis. Each one corresponds with different areas of the body, emotions, and experiences. Dive in and learn more about your chakras and yourself in this flow designed to help you gain balance and understanding.

Yogi Playtime!

  • Never tried crow, headstand, forearm stand, or birds of paradise? Get ready to expand your practice in this session! It is your time to play around and work on any postures you miss during your regular practice. This session will encourage you and help you work up to each pose with a series of preparatory postures to build the strength necessary to lift you to new heights!

Candlelight Flow

  • Candlelight Flow will combine the elements of a vinyasa flow class with the relaxation of gentle breathing and relaxation techniques.

Relaxation Yoga

  • Yoga doesn't have to be all hard work! Slow down and re-energize with long holds in relaxing, supportive poses. Tune into your breath to help yourself meditate and unwind. Learn skills to help relax yourself in everyday life during this gentle meditative flow.


  • Join us for this dynamic fusion of Yoga and Pilates. Flow through a familiar sun salutation practice to warm-up, then hit the mat for some Pilates movements. You’ll walk out of the session feeling taller, stronger, and more relaxed!

Yoga for Recovery

  • Are you someone someone who leads a physically active lifestyle and is looking to incorporate more mobility into these activities? Whatever your activity of choice, come join us for this session intended to loosen areas prone to tightness as a result of physical activity, with an emphasis on hip openers, hamstring mobility, and quadriceps stretches.

Backbending & Balancing

  • Open your heart and balance your energies through this practice focused on backbending and balancing postures.

Chaturanga workshop

  • Trying to strengthen your high to low planks? Enhance your practice by taking your Chaturanga series to a new level. This session will introduce different variations of Chaturanga, using different techniques and props. There will be an emphasis on alignment, breath, and mindfulness in movement. Build up your practice by finding a variation that will enhance your Chaturanga.

Detoxifying Twists

  • Twisting offers more benefits than just feeling good and increasing your spinal flexibility: You can also improve already existing detoxification processes in your body with twisting postures. Come challenge yourself physically, lower your stress levels, and calm your mind!