Membership at the TASB Fitness Center


Campus Recreation Access

Access to the facilities and programs offered by Campus Recreation may be acquired by paying the Campus Rec access fee. Fees were established by the Student Recreation Board to support our student recreational facilities, including the Independent Blue Cross Student Recreation Center (IBC), the Temple University Fitness Center (TUF), the Pearson and McGonigle Halls (3rd Floor Rec Court area, Fitness Mezzanine, the Climbing Wall and Pools 30 and 31), the TASB Fitness Center, and recreational opportunities at the Ambler and Health Science campuses.

In order to access the TASB Fitness Center one must have TASB building access.


Employee Recreation Access

ALL UNIVERSITY OR HOSPITAL EMPLOYEES WITH A VALID OWL CARD are eligible to purchase access to the recreation facilities. There are two payment options: payroll deduction, or manually by semester or academic year.

Payroll Deduction:

Full-time regular employees have the option to have the Campus Rec access fee deducted from their paychecks. A total deduction of $10 will be withdrawn from the employee’s paycheck each month. Effective Fall 2005, the system allows employees to enroll in the program one time and have the membership automatically renew every September 1. Employees interested in paying for Campus Recreation access through payroll deduction may do so at the TASB Fitness Center Front Desk. Swipe access is typically granted within 48 hours of enrollment; however, users may present their enrollment form at the facilities for immediate access. Cancellation must be requested in person at the TASB Fitness Center Front Desk, the Campus Recreation Main Office or the Student Faculty Center at HSC.

Employees who are either ineligible for payroll deduction or do not wish to pay via payroll deduction may pay the Campus Rec Access Fee per term at the TASB Fitness Center Front desk or at the Campus Recreation Main Office, 1800 N. Broad St. Suite 303, Pearson and McGonigle Halls with a valid OWLcard. Term fees for employees are as follows:        

  • Fall or Spring: $55

  • Summer I and Summer II: $30

  • Annual: $120

Within 48 hours of completing the Patron Application, swipe activation will be granted to the facilities. However, users may present their Campus Rec Access receipt at the recreational facility for immediate access.


Temple University Student

Effective Fall 2010, all matriculated Temple University students enrolled will be automatically assessed a portion of the Campus Rec access fee in their tuition bill as a part of the University Service Fee. Enrolled students who have paid the Campus Rec access fee are assigned swipe access through their Temple OWLcard. For additional information about the new fee assessment policy, please contact the Campus Recreation Main Office at 215-204-1267.


Fitness Reimbursement

Employees with medical insurance plans through Keystone or Independence Blue Cross can enroll in the Healthy Lifestyles Program and be reimbursed for fitness membership. The Healthy Lifestyles program is managed and operated by Independence Blue Cross. For more information, or to enroll, contact Blue Cross directly at 1-800-ASK-BLUE or 215-241-3367, or visit their website at

In order to submit your reimbursement request to Healthy Lifestyles, the following steps must be completed:

1. Log your activity at the facilities by maintaining your Fitness Handbook, which can be obtained from the Healthy Lifestyles website at You may also print out an electronic access history report of your visits to the swipe-access facilities by logging onto TUPortal with your username and password. To obtain your history report, select the Content Layout section of TUPortal, click on the Staff Tools tab, and in the center column select New Channel. Then select the category Applications and Campus Recreation Center Access option, click on Add Channel. Your access history will populate and be accessible through the Staff Tools tab of your TUPortal.

2. Obtain a copy of your access receipt and a letter of confirmation of payment. This request must be completed via e-mail to You will receive a PDF of your receipt and letter of confirmation via e-mail within 2 business days.

3. Mail your history report and/or Fitness Handbook, Campus Recreation access receipt, and letter of confirmation to Independence Blue Cross, Attn: Healthy Lifestyles Fitness Program, 1901 Market St., P.O. Box 41880, Philadelphia, PA 19101-9131.