Climbing Clinics

Learn To Climb

Climbing Clinics are available for Temple University Students, Staff and Alumni. While many of the Climbing Walls offerings are  free of charge some clinics require reservations and some have associated fees. Reservations can be made at the Climbing Wall. Any fees associated with  clinics must be paid in cash, check or diamond dollars to Campus Recreation Pearson and McGonigle Halls Suite 303.  Climbing Clinics are non-refundable. Any Private sessions  or  special appointments must be scheduled outside of normal operating hours.

For more information about Climbing Clinics  or to make an appointment visit  or call the Climbing Wall at
215-204-1263 or contact Rory Coughlin Climbing Wall Coordinator at or 215-204-1249


“Try-A-Climb” is an opportunity for aspiring climbers or for those who would like a taste of the climbing experience. This free program allows users to try 30 minutes of supervised top-rope climbing with an experienced Climbing Wall staff member. The instructor will assist fitting equipment and will belay (hold the rope). No experience necessary.

Walk-ins welcome but not guaranteed.

Sessions held daily  during normal hours of operation.

Cost: Free

Try-A-Climbs are limited to two sessions per semester. Students interested in becoming self-sufficient climbers should schedule an Intro to Climbing session.


Bouldering Orientation

Bouldering is a great way to enjoy climbing without all the ropes, harnesses and knots. The bouldering orientation will cover many of the risks associated with bouldering and how to best avoid them.

Bouldering orientations can be given upon request to patrons with previous climbing experience. Participating in a Try-A-Climb session may be sufficient.

Cost: Free


Intro to Climbing

Intro to Climbing is designed to make students self-sufficient climbers. The Intro to Climbing sessions will cover how to fit a harness, how to tie a figure-8 retrace, set up a belay device, and how to belay and lower a climber. This session is instruction based.

Prior climbing experience is recommended ( Try-A-Climb is sufficient) and equipment is provided.

Sessions held weekly: Mondays and Fridays 6:00pm-8:00pm

Cost $10

Private sessions by appointment.

Cost: $25


Technique and Movement 101

Movement skills are the primary component to achieving fluidity, efficiency, and grace in climbing. This clinic is the  first step for new climbers or climbers who want to put intention to physical movement. Students will learn resting positions, footwork, balance and body positioning. Students will also learn commonly used terms associated with climbing holds.

Sessions held monthly.

Cost: Free


Technique and Movement 201

For those with some movement experience or for those who have completed Technique and Movement 101. This clinic focuses on more challenging movement techniques: heel hooks, toe hooks, flagging and dynamic movement. We will work with you towards more specific training techniques in order to take you past your current plateaus.

Sessions held monthly.

Cost :Free

Lead Climbing 101

Lead-climbing and lead-belaying are complex activities that both build upon and extend top-rope skills with new techniques and enhanced risk management. This session will cover: belayer movement and positioning, clipping techniques, resting and stances, and how to fall and catch a fall properly. Climbers interested in taking the clinic should have at least one year top-rope experience and comfortably climb 5.9. Must be scheduled in advance.

Sessions are by appointment ONLY.

Cost :$20

Lead Climbing 201

For those wanting to bring their lead climbing skills outdoors, we will begin with the relevant review and refinement of the 101 Clinic skills, then progress to  lead belaying with a GriGri, cleaning a route, cleaning an anchor to lower and cleaning an anchor to rappel

Students wanting to attend the Lead Climbing 201 Clinic must first attend the Anchor Building 101 Clinic

Sessions are by appointment ONLY.

Cost: $20


Anchor Building 101

Learn how to identify and build an anchor using two bomber bolts, carabiners, slings and cordelette . You will also learn essential knots that are often used when rigging different types of anchors.


Sessions held monthly or by appointment.

Cost Free