Climbing Clinics

Climbing Clinics are available for Temple University students, staff, and alumni. While many of the Climbing Wall's offerings are free of charge, some clinics require reservations and may have associated fees. Reservations can be made at the Climbing Wall. Any fees associated with clinics must be paid in Diamond Dollars, cash, or check to in the Campus Recreation Main Office, located in Pearson and McGonigle Halls, Suite 303. Climbing Clinics are non-refundable. Private sessions and special appointments must be scheduled outside of normal operating hours.


For more information about Climbing Clinics or to make an appointment, visit the Climbing Wall, or call:





Cost: Free

During a Try-A-Climb, new and aspiring climbers can experience 30 minutes of supervised top-rope climbing with a Climbing Wall staff member. No climbing experience is necessary. Staff members will assist each patron with properly fitting equipment and will also belay (hold the rope) while their climber reaches new heights! Walk-ins are welcome during normal operating hours. Depending on the Climbing Wall's occupancy at time of arrival, patrons may be asked to wait. Try-A-Climbs are limited to two sessions per semester. Students interested in becoming self-sufficient climbers should schedule an Intro to Climbing session.


Bouldering Orientation

Cost: Free

Bouldering is a great way to enjoy climbing without all the ropes, harnesses, and knots! During the bouldering orientation, patrons will be introduced to the differences between roped climbing and bouldering, as well as the risks associated with bouldering and how best to avoid them. Bouldering orientations are available upon request to patrons with previous climbing experience. Participating in a Try-A-Climb may be sufficient experience.



Intro to Climbing

Cost: $10

Private Session Cost: $25

Intro to Climbing clinics are designed to make students self-sufficient climbers. During the clinic, students will learn how to fit a harness, tie a figure-8 retrace knot, set up a belay device, and how to belay and lower a climber. This session is instruction based. Prior climbing experience is recommended. A Try-A-Climb is sufficient experience. All equipment is provided. All clinics must be scheduled in advance.

Fall session schedule: Wednesdays and Fridays, 8:00PM - 10:00PM


By Appointment

Lead Climbing 101

Cost: $20

Lead climbing and lead belaying are complex activities that build upon top-rope skills with new techniques and enhanced risk management. This session will cover belayer movement and positioning, clipping techniques, resting and stances, how to fall, and how to catch a fall properly. Climbers interested in taking the clinic should have at least one year of top-rope experience and be able to comfortably climb 5.9. All sessions must be scheduled in advance.