Hamilton Children’s Education Fund

  Lutando, Tiffany Hamilton and Kids

Tiffany Ryan Hamilton was a Temple alumna and former Campus Recreation student staff member who graduated with her BS in Nursing in 2005. During her time here at Temple, Tiffany met, and eventually married Lutando Hamilton, also a Temple alumnus and former Campus Recreation student staff member. Sadly, Tiffany passed away in the summer of 2012. Tiffany is survived by her husband and three children: Lutando Jr, London, and Laelia.

In 2013, Campus Recreation started a fund created solely to contribute to Tiffany and Lutando’s children. One of the leadership groups within Campus Recreation, the Student Staff Development and Advisory Committee, wanted to create an event that would benefit the Hamilton’s Children Fund. In the past, this committee has hosted tournaments such as 3 v. 3 basketball and dodgeball tournaments with all of the funds given directly to the Hamilton Family.  Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2019 Hamilton Children's Eductation Volleyball Tournament Fundraiser to help make it a success.  As more information about the 2020 Hamilton Children's Education Fundraiser becomes avaiable it will be posted to this page.


Hamilton Children in 2015