Getting Started

Waivers and Rec Access

All patrons wishing to use the Temple Climbing Wall must have Rec Access and must fill out a waiver,


Rec Access 


Never climbed before? No problem. We offer free orientations to get you on the wall and climbing! 


“Try-A-Climb” is an opportunity for aspiring climbers or for those who would like a taste of the climbing experience. This free program allows users to try 30 minutes of supervised top-rope climbing with an experienced Climbing Wall staff member. The instructor will assist fitting equipment and will belay (hold the rope). No experience necessary. 
Walk-ins welcome but not guaranteed. 
Sessions held daily  during normal hours of operation.
Cost: Free
Try-A-Climbs are limited to two sessions per semester. Students interested in becoming self-sufficient climbers should schedule an Intro to Climbing session.

Bouldering Orientations

Bouldering is a great way to enjoy climbing without all the ropes, harnesses and knots. The bouldering orientation will cover many of the risks associated with bouldering and how to best avoid them.
Bouldering orientations can be given upon request to patrons with previous climbing experience. Participating in a Try-A-Climb session may be sufficient.
Cost: Free 

Belay Tests

 In order to belay at the Climbing Wall, patrons must first pass a belay assessment demonstrating competancy fitting a harness, tying a figure-eight retrace knot, and belaying with an ATC. Experienced climbers may request a belay test during normal operating hours. Climbing wall staff may not always be available to administer the belay test. Belay tests are free of charge.

People who do not know how to belay are encouraged to enroll in our Intro to Climbing Clinic. 

Policies and Procedures

  1. Patrons must have valid Temple University ID with swipe access and paid recreation fees. Those without swipe access, but are Temple affiliated please refer to main office.
  2. Use of facility is at your own risk.
  3. All first time users must sign a waiver and go through the orientation.
  4. Bags must be stored in cubbies. No personal items may be left on the floor.
  5. Campus Recreation and Temple are not responsible for lost or stolen Articles.
  6. Water is allowed in the climbing area. No other food, drinks or gum are allowed on floor.
  7. Climbing shoes or sneakers must be worn at all times. No barefoot belaying or belaying in flip flops. No barefoot climbing, open-toed sandals, hiking boots or hard soled shoes.
  8. Socks must be worn with rental shoes.
  9. No teaching or instruction of technical skills within the gym except by climbing wall staff.
  10. No swinging or jumping on ropes.
  11. Do not grab bolt hangers or quickdraws. Bolt hangers are for carabiners only.
  12. Boulderers may not boulder above or below any other climbers.
  13. Climbers may not switch holds. Tell a staff member if a hold is loose.
  14. Climbers may bring their own gear, but must have it inspected prior to use in the gym.