Getting Started

Waivers and Rec Access

All patrons wishing to use the Aramark STAR Complex Climbing Wall must have Rec Access and must fill out a waiver for the facility.


Rec Access





Never climbed before? No problem! Our staff can get you on the wall and climbing quickly with our free orientations!



Cost: Free

During a Try-A-Climb, new and aspiring climbers can experience 30 minutes of supervised top-rope climbing with a Climbing Wall staff member. No climbing experience is necessary. Staff members will assist each patron with properly fitting equipment and will also belay (hold the rope) while their climber reaches new heights! Walk-ins are welcome during normal operating hours. Depending on the Climbing Wall's occupancy at time of arrival, patrons may be asked to wait. Try-A-Climbs are limited to two sessions per semester. Students interested in becoming self-sufficient climbers should schedule an Intro to Climbing session.


Bouldering Orientation

Cost: Free

Bouldering is a great way to enjoy climbing without all the ropes, harnesses, and knots! During the bouldering orientation, patrons will be introduced to the differences between roped climbing and bouldering, as well as the risks associated with bouldering and how best to avoid them. Bouldering orientations are available upon request to patrons with previous climbing experience. Participating in a Try-A-Climb may be sufficient experience.


Belay Tests

In order to belay at the Climbing Wall, patrons must first pass a belay assessment demonstrating competancy fitting a harness, tying a figure-8 retrace knot, and belaying with an ATC. Experienced climbers may request a belay test during normal operating hours. Climbing Wall Staff may not always be available to administer the belay test, and may ask patrons to wait or come back later depending on current wall occupancy.

Patrons who don't know how to belay but are interested in learning are encouraged to enroll in one of our Intro to Climbing clinics.