The Game Manager’s – An Intramural Story

Student Co-Rec Fall 2016 flag football champions

By Alyssa Ghilardi

            Okay. Hike. Run up 20 yards. Sharp cut left. Stop. Duck right. Yes, I’m open. See QB. QB sees me. I’m open. Wait, I’m open. QB sees me open. Wait, QB has locked in. QB is throwing the ball to me. I’m open. This is it. I have to catch this ball. It’s coming. It’s flying. I’m still open. Hands up. In the diamond. That’s how you do it, yea? Yes! Okay, hands up, oh my gosh. Here we go. CATCH. I caught the ball. TOUCHDOWN! First points up on the board. No way had I just done that! Hold on though, I totally just did that.

            Co-ed flag football championship game, nine minutes left in the entire game. Two undefeated teams go head to head, no points up on the board and I scored the first touchdown. I usually don’t do anything more than play defense or help out when someone needs a break. But in that moment, I sparked an amazing end to a very intense game. My touchdown was followed by an interception to a sprint up half the field for a second touchdown. An amazing run from our girl QB for a third touchdown. The clock finally timed out. We jumped and yelled and celebrated. We chanted MVP until I realized they were talking about me and I couldn’t think of a better moment. The final score of 28-0 for a championship win means we were on our way to City 6! We totally just did that.

            Saturday, November 19th we made our way to Drexel University to continue our undefeated season. It was 70 degrees in the middle November and felt like the day was made for play. Round 1 we were up against Villanova, good competition, but we triumphed. Round two for the City 6 Champs title we were matched with Drexel and on their home turf they weren’t a team to take lightly. It was a head to head, toe to toe type of game. Flags were thrown, players were injured, and some told to calm down. In the final couple of minutes things got scary. We were down and scrambling for a breakthrough play. But the thing about a miracle play is that you never see it coming. It’s more about one person being in the right place at the right time and one of our girl’s Amanda found herself in the right spot to pick off a clean pass and right in time to score a touchdown with no seconds left for it to be challenged. That was it. Temple University presents your 2016 City 6 Co-ed flag football champions. To think, I only signed on to this team to fill up the girl quota. Just goes to show where getting out and going to play could lead you too.