Flag Challenge Rules

Please fill out a Photo Release form in order to receive a flag. Upon receiving the flag, please review the rules and expectations of photo submission.

  • Participants may pick up their flag at Pearson and McGonigle Halls 26 upon the online submission of their Photo Release form.
  • No profanity, drugs, alcohol, or other illegal activity
  • Flag must be visible and recognizable
  • No inappropriate attire, gestures, body language, or suggestive behavior
  • Unique and/or iconic backgrounds are encouraged
  • Photos may be subjected to editing for publication, and it is strongly encouraged to to resize upon submitting
  • Submission must be sent via e-mail to campusrec@temple.edu
  • Be sure to include the following in your submission e-mail:
    • Your Name (and anyone else in the photo)
    • Affiliation with Temple
      • Students: Year in School, Major, Graduation Year
      • Employees: Department, Position, Years working for Temple University
      • Alumni: Year and school you graduated from
      • Campus Rec Staff: Please make note if you currently or previously worked for Campus Recreation
  • Location of Picture
  • What are you doing at the location (i.e. race, event, vacation, etc.)
  • Outcome of the event (i.e. 3rd place in 5K, Honeymoon, Spring Break, etc.)

You will receive periodic reminder e-mails to submit your photographs. We look forward to your input!