Facility Rentals

Please use the link on the right side to submit a facility request

Facility Rental requests for spaces managed by Campus Recreation are handled on a first-come first-serve basis, and based on existing availability at the time of the request.  Several spaces that are available for rentals are shared facilities, and therefore are scheduled through a priority booking model.

Based on the volume of requests and the limited availability, Campus Recreation strives to do our best in accommodating as many groups as possible.  However, it is strongly recommended that groups look into alternative space options on campus.

Attention:  Clearance for facility reservations is granted based on facility availability, structured priority and access guidelines, appropriateness of activity and advanced notice.  REQUESTS WILL ONLY BE ADDRESSED IF RECEIVED TWO WEEK PRIOR TO THE EVENT.  You will be contacted soon after submission as to the status of the request.  Be advised that at times, permitted requests may be changed due to priority groups.  

Once a hold has been placed for your event, a planning meeting with Campus Recreation will be required to review and finalize the details of the event, and to confirm your event.

*If event rental includes the participation of minor(s), all Covered Programs must be registered through the appropriate administrative non-credit platform at least sixty days (60) prior to the first scheduled date of participation by minors: noncredit.temple.edu/minorsoncampus