Aramark STAR Complex--Weight Room

SUMMER 2021 UPDATES--Campus Recreation facilities will be open during the summer, please check out Hours of Operation page for the most up to date schedule.  Group Fitness will be offering in-person, outdoor sessions during the summer, please visit the Summer 2021 page for the schedule.  To stay up to date on our full complement of virtual programming, visit our Virtual Recreation page.  Lastly for current information regarding Campus Recreation check back to the Campus Rec COVID-19 Updates page or our social media platforms.

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1800 North 15th Street (Entrance is at the corner of 15th & Montgomery St.)

Front Check-In Counter: 215.204.2700

Click here for information on locker and locker room availability

General Policies

  • The 4 Pillars of Health must be followed at all times within the facility, including wearing a mask while exercising.  Please reference University protocol on acceptable face coverings.
  • Patrons are asked to not wait in the shared lobby.  Please check in and wait within pre-set socially distant floor markers in the back-pack locker area until workout stations are ready and disinfected for use.
  • Patrons will be restricted to the workout station that you reserve for the entirety of your workout block. 
  • If you have reserved a half-rack or power rack, please make sure you review our posted Powerlifting policies.  Failure to adhere to these policies can result in loss of privileges.
  • Once your workout has ended we ask that you please:
    • Leave all plates on the ground or on the Olympic bar.  Staff will disinfect plates that were used and return them to their proper storage peg.
    • Return any used dumbbells/kettlebells to a floor location, closest to their appropriate cradle/shelf.  Staff will disinfect there and return to cradle/shelf.
    • Return any used fixed straight/preacher bars to a floor location, closest to their appropriate rack.  Staff will disinfect there and return to proper storage pegs.
  • Equipment check-out is suspended.  Accessories to cable systems and weight clips will be available on fitness floors, but all other equipment/accessories are not available to check-out until further notice.
  • Bathrooms are reserved for restroom use or changing ONLY.  Shower usage is strictly prohibited.

Powerlifting Policies

  • All stations are restricted to one individual at a time
    • Spotting is prohibited during current COVID-19 protocols
    • Weight totality and exercise regimen must be carefully evaluated prior to performing lift(s) due to spotting restrictions.
  • All Olympic style lifts must be performed on a power rack platform.
  • Weight must be controlled throughout the entirety of the lift and cannot be dropped from above the knee.
  • All open area lifts (i.e – deadlifts, rows) are restricted to the power rack or area behind a half rack.  Lifts done in these areas cannot come higher than hip height.
  • Clips must be used on all barbells.
  • The use of bumper plates is required for all open area and Olympic lifts
  • All racks must be used with adjustable safety bar stoppers.

Stations Available

  • Smith Machine Station
    • 2 available reservations per block
    • Includes: 1 adjustable bench, a variety of plates and a choice of 2 sets of dumbbells (options based on availability)
  • Dual Adjustable Cable Station
    • 1 available reservation per block
    • Includes: 1 adjustable bench, a variety of cable attachments, pull-up apparatus and a choice of 2 sets of dumbbells and/or fixed bars (options based on availability).
  • 8-Stack Jungle Station
    • 1 available reservation per block
    • Includes: access to the 8 different stacks for a variety of exercises: Dip/pull Up stack, cable cross-over, single cable column, center pull up bar, lat pull down (2), seated row (2), and a choice of 2 sets of dumbbells and/or fixed bars (options based on availability).
  • Plate Loaded Circuit Station
    • 1 available reservation per block
    • Includes: Land mine (1), Iso-Leg Extension, Iso-Leg Curl, Leg Press (2), Calf raise, Iso-Lat Pull (2), Hack Squat, Iso-Shoulder Press, Glute-Ham Raise, and a choice of 2 sets of dumbbells and/or fixed bars (options based on availability).
  • Half Rack Station
    • 4 available reservations per block
    • Includes: 1 half rack system, adjustable bench or Olympic flat bench, a variety of plates (bumper and regular plates available) and a choice of 2 sets of dumbbells and/or fixed bars (options based on availability)
  • Full Power Rack Station
    • 4 available reservations per block
    • Includes: 1 full Power Rack with platform, 1 Olympic Flat bench, a variety of plates (bumper and regular plates available) and a choice of 2 sets of dumbbells and/or fixed bars (options based on availability.

General Policies for Indoor Spaces

  • Reservation requests are handled on a first come-first serve basis, and will be managed based on available equipment and max occupancy standards for indoor spaces.
  • Your reservation is for a time block, once you enter you will select a unique piece of equipment.  Moving on to another machine or to a piece of equipment that is not part of our reservation system is strictly prohibited.
  • Reservations may only be made, and utilized, by matriculated Temple students, as well as Temple Faculty & Staff who have paid their recreation membership fee.
  • Please remember to bring your Temple Owlcard (Physical ID or via SmartPhone App) with you to be able to tap card reader at the fitness center entrance.
    • Failure to have a valid OwlCard will result in your  inability to access the facility.
  • Please arrive promptly at your reservation start time and check in with Campus Rec staff at area entrance once access has been verified. 
  • Your reservation block is only good for the duration of your original request, and will not be adjusted due to a late arrival.
  • Please be respectful of our reservation blocking system.  Your adherence to your reservation end time is greatly appreciated in order to prep the area for the following reservation block.

Activity Policies for Indoor Spaces

  • Please adhere to the university’s guidance on their 4-Pillars of Public Health for COVID-19 prior to coming to your reservation.
    • Face Coverings - Please ensure you are wearing a mask at all times while within an indoor fitness facility. 
      • Face masks are required even while exercising.  Please refer to the university protocol document on TUPortal for detailed information on this protocol: Use of Masks or Face Coverings During Exercise.
    • Physical Distancing - Please ensure you are maintaining at least 6 feet of distance between yourself and others within the fitness center.
    • Hand Hygiene - Hand sanitizer, restrooms and locker rooms are all available options for patrons to keep hands clean during your reservation/workout.
    • Personal Health Monitoring - Please be sure to monitor your own health prior to coming to any recreation facility.  If you don’t feel well - please stay home.
  • In order to maintain safety and reservation efficiency, access to locker rooms will be limited to just restroom use and/or to change.  There will be no locker rentals, locker usage or shower usage.  We recommend that you arrive ready to work out in order to maximize your reserved time.
    • Please bring your belongings with you and bring them to your reserved piece of equipment while exercising.
  • Flex disinfecting wipes are available for your use throughout the fitness floor(s).  These wipes have been approved by the CDC and Temple’s Department of Environmental Health and Safety for disinfecting contact us at with any questions or concerns

Facility Policies:

  1. Patrons must be 18 years or older and have valid Campus Recreation access to enter Campus Recreation facilities.
  2. Patrons must carry a valid Temple University issued identification card at all times.
  3. Use of Campus Recreation facilities and programs is voluntary.  Patrons assume all risk associated with participation.
  4. The following actions are cause for immediate dismissal from the facility and may result in temporary or permanent loss of privileges:
    • Disorderly conduct
    • Inappropriate behavior
    • Abuse of facility or equipment
    • Abuse of staff members
    • Disregard for Campus Recreation policies
    • Violation of university policies and procedures including, but not limited to, the Student Conduct Code
  5. Campus Recreation is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  6. Equipment must be used as intended by the manufacturer.
  7. Staff has the right to prohibit any outside fitness equipment.
  8. Proper footwear is required at all times.  Proper footwear is defined as a sneaker that has a rubber, non-marking sole and covers the entire heel and top of the foot.
  9. Shirts must be worn at all times within Campus Recreation facilities.
  10. Food and non-sealed beverages are photbited.  All drinks must be in sealed, non-glass containers while in activity areas.
  11. Unauthorized use of camera/video/audio recording devices is prohibited.  Authorization must be in writing and may only be provided by Camus Recreation full-time staff.
  12. Personal music playing devices must be used with headphones at all times.
  13. Personal Training services may only be administered by Campus Recreation staff.  Unauthorized Personal Training is strictly prohibited.
  14. Weights must be controlled at all times.  Slamming, dropping and throwing of weights or equipment is prohibited.
  15. Return all weights and equipment to proper storage areas after use.
  16. Organized groups must receive proper approval to exercise within Campus Recreation facilities.